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HR Labs

Mar 3, 2021

"We’ve not overcome the perception that women should be paid less because they need less – that's not true," says Lilly Ledbetter, activist, the namesake of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, and this week's guest. She and Jeff sit down to discuss her fight from undervalued Goodyear manager to pay equity icon. Along the way, they discuss how to negotiate salary, equal pay for equal work, how companies can make swift, effective change, and so much more.

After spending 19 years working for Goodyear, of tire and blimp fame, Lilly discovered she was making 40% less than the white men doing the same exact job she was. The thought of how much money this had cost her and her family left her devastated. For Lilly, "I knew it wasn't right. It was not the law. I couldn't let it go." So she filed a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and her case made it all the way to the US Supreme Court. And that's only the beginning of her storied career.

She and Jeff also discuss how the modern workplace is handling equal pay. Spoiler Alert: Lilly says, "Not as good as it should."

The Equal Pay Act was passed in 1963 and was supposed to eliminate wage discrimination from then on. "Well, it didn't," says Lilly. "Because it wasn't enforced." She and Jeff dig into why that is and what Human Resource teams can do to ensure everyone is equally paid across the board.

“My goal in life is to make a difference.” And Lilly truly has. This is a conversation not to miss!

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