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HR Labs

Mar 1, 2022

When we think about employee growth, we think about the skills people need to build to prepare themselves – and their organization – for the future. So how can talent leaders facilitate learning experiences that lead to opportunities for employees to develop?  


Lisa Christensen, Director of the Learning Design Center for Excellence at McKinsey & Company, joins host Summer Salomonsen to talk about learning and development as a shared responsibility between organizations and their people, how modern apprenticeship can meaningfully fuse learning and development meaningfully, and the role frontline leaders and managers have to play in making those learning experiences successful.

Cornerstone specializes in employee growth and development and has recently launched Cornerstone Xplor, a solution designed to power the future-ready workforce. It gives employees access to learning directly in the flow of work and provides curated, personalized learning content informed by each employee’s unique skills, interests, and career goals. To learn more about how Cornerstone Xplor goes beyond traditional learning experience platforms, click here.