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HR Labs

Mar 22, 2022

AI is all around us. Still, there’s untapped potential in how organizations can leverage the technology, which means HR leaders have the opportunity to see even more of a benefit.


Chief Research Officer, Author and Podcast Host, Ben Eubanks joins host Summer Salomonsen to help us unpack opportunities for AI to support HR functions now and in the future. Together, they explore AI’s role in not only taking on rote and repetitive tasks, but also helping HR teams become better “people” people by giving us the ability to ask the right questions and execute better judgements. 


Together with Lighthouse Research & Advisory Cornerstone has produced new insights on skills intelligence and AI. Access the report The Business Case for Skill Intelligence to learn more.


To learn more from Ben, check out his book Artificial intelligence for HR: Use AI to support and develop a successful workforce and listen to his podcast We’re Only Human.