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HR Labs

Mar 29, 2022

As HR leaders, it’s on us to provide equitable experiences to our employees. But how can we make sure our actions reflect our intentions and we deliver on that promise? 


Jenn Hultman, leader of global operations and strategy for talent acquisition at Amazon, joins host Summer Salomonsen to discuss how we can build equity into the employee lifecycle starting with recruitment. Together, they walk through how to adopt an equity-focused mindset about recruitment, and ways to uphold equitable processes and practices to give every employee access to the same opportunities.

Equity is a crucial part of every conversation we have about creating a workplace that “works” for everyone. But if you’re looking for more DEI&B resources, check out HR Labs season 3, where we delve into topics like unconscious bias and microaggressions in the workplace, and provide actionable tips for HR leaders.