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HR Labs

Jan 26, 2021

HR Labs is back! In season 3, new hosts Duane La Bom and Jeff Miller explore how to turn your diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies into meaningful actions and outcomes. Subscribe today to never miss an episode.  

Duane, chief diversity officer at Cornerstone, and Jeff, chief learning officer and VP of organizational effectiveness at Cornerstone, aren’t shying away from discussing the challenging, uncomfortable topics facing businesses today. Season 3 is dedicated to building an informed understanding of what it takes to build a better organization for everyone through meaningful diversity, equity, inclusion – and belonging – practices.  

According to Jeff, “We aren’t saying we have all the answers here. But if there’s one thing we know at Cornerstone, it’s that learning is a critical part of growing and driving change.”  

Duane and Jeff aren’t undertaking this DEI conversation on their own, though. They brought a few friends, industry experts, activists, and thought leaders on this journey too. Friends like:  

  • Torin Ellis — human capital strategist speaker, author, radio and podcast host — talking about recognizing and defeating unconscious bias. 
  • Ella Washington Ph.D. — organizational psychologist at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business — talking about responding to micro- (and not so micro-) aggressions. 
  • Lilly Ledbetter — equal pay activist and inspiration for the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009 — talking about ensuring equal pay for all. 
  • Lorraine Vargas Townsend — chief people guru at A Cloud Guru — talking about building a culture of DEI 24/7/365.
  • And many more!  

Join Duane and Jeff every other week for meaningful conversations on how to move your DEI strategies forward.  

Duane put it best when he said, “No matter where you and your company are on the DEI journey, we hope you’ll join us for stories and insights as we look to take this work from intention to impact.” 


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